If you feel much like this noise just a bit like fantasy (or some sort of April fools joke), you possibly aren’t the particular one, but this is a legitimate development. Analysis back into this field has existed for a while today, but the results were impractical for one cause or yet another in eye vision correction options.

A Doctor’s Ignorance Ended My LifeAllAfrica.comRecently, I met a team of doctors from India, who said there is still hope for corrective surgery, but in India. However, it has to be done immediately to avoid more damage to vital body organs. The bile has already damaged part of my liver so the …and more »…A Doctor’s Ignorance Ended My Life – AllAfrica.com

Preceding contacts had been four.4mm thick, and another solution involved surgery to implant a telescopic lens back into your own eye, alongside marginally successful results to boot. This really is a contact lens that is thin sufficient to be worn daily, and then the optics are yielding better results compared to anything currently in development.

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