If or when we feel much like this noise a bit of like science fiction (or some sort of April fools joke), you possibly aren’t the particular one, however this might be a legitimate development. Research back into this field has existed for a while now, however the outcomes were impractical for one cause or an additional in eye vision correction options.

[Daily Trust]The barrage of criticism that greeted the recent report of the Senate’s Joint Committee on Defence and Army, Police Affairs and National Security and Intelligence that investigated April’s alleged massacre by security agencies in Baga town of Borno …Nigeria: Senate Panel’s Baga Report

Previous connections were 4.4mm thick, and yet another solution involved operation to implant a telescopic lens into the eye, alongside marginally successful results to boot. This is certainly a contact lens which is thin enough to be used daily, plus the optics are really creating better results than anything generally in development.

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