If you feel much like this noise just a bit like fantasy (or perhaps a particular April fools joke), you most likely aren’t truly the only one, however this is certainly a legitimate development. Research into this field has existed for some time now, however the outcomes happened to be impractical for one cause or perhaps yet another in eye vision rectification options.

Well this is a first. No, really, a man going by the name of PH is the first known diagnosis of a deeply odd and presumably infuriating condition: He hears voices out of sync , as though he’s watching a movie with out-of-sync dubbing. Read more…        …Man Hears Voices Out of Sync with Lips, Like an Old Kung Fu Movie

Preceding connections were four.4mm thick, and also an additional solution involved procedure to implant a telescopic lens into the eye, with marginally successful results to boot. This is certainly a contact lens which is thin sufficient to be worn daily, and then the optics tend to be producing better results than anything else currently in further advancement.

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