If you consider much like this noise a bit of like sci-fi (or a great April fools joke), you possibly aren’t truly the only one, but this really is a legitimate development. Research back into this field has existed for a while today, but the outcomes were impractical for one reason or yet another in eye vision correction options.

Ask Dr. K: Age-Related Eye Conditions May Affect Lasik SurgeryDalles ChronicleDEAR READER: I can understand why you’re considering LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis). It can correct common eye … As LASIK has become more popular, many of us have contemplated having our vision surgically corrected. Even in your 50s or …and more »…Ask Dr. K: Age-Related Eye Conditions May Affect Lasik Surgery – Dalles Chronicle

Previous connections were 4.4mm thick, and another solution involved surgery to implant a telescopic lens into your eye, alongside marginally successful outcomes to boot. This is certainly a contact lens that is thin enough to be used daily, and then the optics are manufacturing better outcomes than all things generally in development.

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