If or when we feel like this noise a bit of like sci-fi (or perhaps a particular April fools joke), you probably aren’t truly the only one, but this might be a legitimate development. Research into this field has existed for a while today, but the results happened to be impractical for one factor or perhaps yet another in eye vision correction options.

For the first time in medical history, cataract surgeons have the on-demand ability to measure outcomes, correct astigmatism and verify lens implant calculations in real time during cataract surgery, according to leading eye surgeon Jeffrey Martin, MD who recently introduced Optiwave Refractive Analysis as one the most dramatic breakthrough in intraoperative cataract care in the past two decades…Long Island Cataract Patients See Improved Outcomes With Breakthrough ‘Intraoperative’ ORA Technology

Preceding contacts had been 4.4mm thick, and also an additional solution involved surgery to implant a telescopic lens into the eye, alongside marginally successful results to boot. This is certainly a contact lens that is thin sufficient to be worn daily, plus the optics are really manufacturing better results than anything else currently in further advancement.

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